Solving Social Issues
with Technology

Our goal is to build an ecosystem that creates startups that solve social issues through technology.


Building an ecosystem to create technology-based startups that solve social issues

Our Activities

Project Promotion
The association is engaged in a variety of project activities based on the principle of "solving social issues through technology".

Management of Singularity Lab
We run the community "Singularity Lab" and support people who want to be active outside of school and work.

SDGs Promotion
The SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) are initiatives to address global social issues proposed by the United Nations since 2015. In order to promote the SDGs in line with the policies of the United Nations, the Association has developed an original board game and regularly holds workshops to convey the importance of the SDGs and to think about what we can do to achieve the SDGs with many people.

Contracted development
We dispatch lecturers on the latest technologies such as AI, RPA, and blockchain, and develop websites and smartphone applications on consignment.
We also provide planning, development, and operational support for online learning tools such as e-learning and course production.
We also design and produce websites, landing pages, and flyers.


Ever since I was in the Faculty of Science at Kyoto University, I have wondered why there is no innovation in Japan, even though there are many talented people around me. When I was in graduate school, I had the opportunity to do research at Stanford University, and after graduation, I worked at the research center of a major manufacturer, where I spent time with highly skilled people, and this feeling became even stronger. Through trial and error, I held study sessions and discussions with my colleagues and engineers from other companies to see if we could somehow make a social impact by launching Japanese engineers.

The association for the promotion of future technology was established in 2017 by a group of members, mainly engineers, who empathized my thoughts. Singularity Lab, a community led by our association, is an organization that aims to solve social issues using technology. Nowadays, not only engineers but also company executives, NPO-related people, lawyers, pharmacists, and many other people have joined Singularity Lab.

In the future, we will create various social problem-solving projects with people who are interested in the latest technology, and contribute to solving social problems in Japan by involving companies, researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Representative Director Shuichi Kusaba

Association Abstract

Company Name Future Technology Association for Promotion
Representative Director Shuichi Kusaba
Activities Community management
New business development support
SDGs promotion
Events on the latest technology
Founded August 3, 2017
Headquarters Akihabara STN Furonto 10F,
2-18-1, Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0025, JAPAN

Board Members

Representative Director
Shuichi Kusaba

Academic background Bachelor of Faculty of Science, Kyoto University.
Master of Physics, Kyoto University. Specializes in superconductivity.
Career The Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
- Metamaterials
- Three-dimensional stacked phase-change memory
- Billion-year recording media
Reasons for establishing
the association
Since I was a student and an office worker, I have been interested in interaction with different fields and organized study groups.
In order to promote inter-disciplinary cooperation and make it into
a concrete project, I started an association.
Activities at
the Association
Representative Director.
Promotion activities for the creation of a community connecting universities, companies, and investors.
Mission Innovate with young researchers!
Solve social problems with researchers and have a better 2020!

Executive Director
Shinya Yamada

Academic background Master of Engineering, Osaka University.
Career Joined the Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.
- Engaged in system development focusing on image processing
- Later worked on power simulation for an electric power company
Reasons for establishing
the association
I was invited to a study group organized by Mr. Kusaba, through a connection from when I was a member of Hitachi, Ltd.
Activities at
the Association
Director of the Strategic Planning Office.
Worked on planning the activity policy and management strategy of the association.
Mission To deepen exchanges with a wide range of industries and to become an organization that brings about technological innovation in Japan.
Personally, I want to revolutionize the medical industry.