Sustainable World BOARDGAME

This is an experience-oriented game that connects you to the SDGs and makes social issues into your own affairs. It aims for “The achievement of the SDGs” and “self-growth” while having fun learning how to solve global issues related to the SDGs.
This board game is familiar with anybody regardless of gender or age, which can not only understand the SDGs, but also help them to understand the importance of cooperation, cultivate wide and deep thinking and feel the issues close to you and your own issues.

Introduction of "Sustainable World BOARDGAME"

The SDGs board game named "Sustainable World BOARDGAME (*)" is an original board game developed by “the Future Technology Promotion Association” as a tool for learning about the SDGs easily while having fun.
*registered trademark

Each player aims for the following two goals within the annual budget and the deadline of SDGs until 2030.

  1. Achieve the SDGs (Each 17 goals set to a score of 10 points)
  2. Self-growth (Each player upgrade)

Scoreboard and the Mission card

The score of each goal for the SDGs can be changed by carrying out mission cards related to three categories --- environment, society, and economy.
The Mission Card summarizing the actual case of the SDGs is shown by issues and solutions, so that you can enjoy learning the examples.
In order to have a more realistic experience, the SDGs score may go down due to trade-offs, or the role required for the implementation may be specified.

In addition, there are EXP cards that can be obtained by self-investment, event cards that affect the world situation, and collaboration cards that can be obtained by cooperating.

EXP card, Event card and Collaboration card

As above, it is an experience-oriented game format which the players can learn the important points of the SDGs actively, while studying the examples of the SDGs in a more realistic way.
Rules in detail (in English)

What we want to realize

By spreading the SDGs board game, we create a culture which makes people take action more positively for a sustainable world.

Why we create the “Sustainable World BOARDGAME"

The SDGs consist of the world issues that need to be solved to achieve a sustainable world.
We think that making the social issues into our own and take action with each other could be a best way to solve them.
We hope that more people will recognize and understand the world's issues, and that as many people as possible will take the initiative in solving problems. .
We have been planning SDGs workshops and conducting the facilitator training to turn the SDGs into our own actions.

Overview of the SDGs Workshop


The board game have been developed mainly by Engineers

Engineers belonging to the Association play a leading role in investigating examples of SDGs and developing board games that are fun to learn.
A lot of improvements have been made over the past two years. In some cases, such as gathering in a rental meeting room in Tokyo early in the morning or late at night, or repeating discussions at a remote meeting, and this is the form that can be issued this time.
The rules are closer to the real world than other card games in order to experience the SDGs more realistically.

SDGs board game development member

More than 1,000 participants, from adults to children

Initially the board game was intended only for general adults. But now, people from adults to elementary school children are enjoying. They say “I learned about social issues from the viewpoint of myself and came to think about it.”
Elementary and junior high school students also enjoyed the shopping mall and parent-child events.
Elementary school students said they knew why they shouldn't leave food and why bullying was bad.
Some people involved in school childcare have also expressed their wish to use it as an education for their children.

The Boardgame for education

Utilization for corporate training and school education

While conducting workshops, companies also want to utilize the game for internal training such as human resource development and sales training. We have also started a workshop as a corporate training.

The corporate training at a travel agency

The class of high school students have also adopted it, and it has become possible to conduct it to hundreds of people.
There are also voices that want to customize and use it for the tasks at the destination as a pre-learning course for school excursions.

Workshop for high school students

Participation in the United Nations event held in Germany

We have joined the United Nations event "SDGs Global Festival of Action 2019" held in Germany in May 2019, thanks to Mr. Naohiro Nishiguchi(*), Managing Director of Japan Innovation Network, who was UNDP's Senior Advisor for Innovation.
Many people played our “Sustainable World BOARDGAME” (English version), which resulted in international reputation.
*the third person from left appeared on the picture below

Exhibited in Germany

Implemented a facilitator certification system to attract more colleagues

Realizing a sustainable world In order not only to learn specific examples of the SDGs, but also to find out what they have in common with one another and accelerate the activities of gathering like-minded friends, we built the certification system of the SDGs board game accredited facilitator in summer, 2019
At present, nearly 20 people have already been certified, and they are facilitating at not only our association workshops but also companies and educational institutions.
I'm glad if we can work together to improve the world!

SDGs board game facilitators (partial)

SDGs board game facilitator (partial)